Smart Technologies

SmartTechologies Optmizes Your Online Browsing So You Can Do More

Innovative SmartTechnologies for HughesNet Gen 5 Satellite Internet Services

Take your satellite Internet to the next level with SmartTechnologies that are available with your HughesNet® Gen5 data plan services. Optimize your web browsing with these built-in enhancements as you can load pages faster, use your data more efficiently, and find improvements to your overall service. You will be amazed by just how many files you can download, the amount of music you can stream, and the remarkable page load speeds due to SmartTechnologies.

Some of the exciting enhancements and features include web browsing and emailing even when exceeding your monthly data allowance and automatic compression of your data files by up to 30% so you use less of your data while downloading more files. Also, SmartTechnologies will decrease load times so you have faster page loads for the ultimate online enjoyment, as well as allowing you to keep track of the amount of data your whole family uses every month by using the innovative HughesNet status meter.

Get these exciting features when you order a HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet service plan by calling our customer service representatives today. Whether you are a light Internet user or your Internet use is more demanding, SmartTechnologies is included in every plan and dramatically improves your online experience.

When you are looking for fast, convenient, flexible and efficient satellite Internet services, more people turn to HughesNet Gen5 service plans and the available built-in SmartTechnologies. Don't wait another second. Call today to obtain great rates and fantastic Internet service.