New Features

Check Out the Fantastic Features Offered by the New HughesNet

The Same Great Service with Even More Incredible Features

What is there not to love about HughesNet® Gen5 features? You have access to the fastest satellite Internet speeds at great rates as now you can do more no matter what service plan you get. Get started today by contacting a customer service representative and selecting from a range of HughesNet Gen5 data plans to access the following features:

Faster Speeds

HughesNet Gen5 provides download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps that are available to everyone no matter how remote your location may be. Experience faster page loads, online surfing, music downloads and so much more. It doesn't matter which data plan you select as these fast satellite Internet speeds are available everywhere from coast to coast.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Create the desired home network that allows your family to stay connected when using different mobile devices. HughesNet Gen5 has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities using the latest dual-band 802.11ac technology that is installed and supported by Hughes. You will see fantastic coverage and speeds at band frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Another great feature is that guests can access a separate guest network as you can keep your regular home network secure.

More Data

When you get HughesNet Gen5, you get more data no matter which plan you pick. Simply decide on the best one for your household so you get the abundant data to watch videos, download music or upload photos. You will have twice the data to do more every month.

No Hard Data Limits

Always stay connected even if you surpass your existing plan's data limits. When you have the new HughesNet, you can continue to surf the Internet and browse web pages without getting cut off or being charged more for these services. Instead, you can still use the Internet at reduced speeds up until your next billing cycle. Also, you can use a Data Token when you need to get back up to full speed.

Video Data Saver

Now you can see the videos you want without worrying about using too much data. You can watch 3 times more video with the new HughesNet video data saver feature as your data rates will be automatically adjusted so you use less data while having great DVD picture quality. You can also manage your data usage whenever you stream content as you can opt-in/opt-out of the feature temporarily or permanently, temporarily opt-out of the video picture quality feature for 4 hours, or snooze this feature for 4 hours.

Bonus Zone

HughesNet Gen5 offers the Bonus Zone where you get 50 GB of free data to use every month during the hours of 2am to 8am. You can use these off-peak hours to download large files or perform necessary system upgrades without using the data in your regular data plan.

Get HughesNet Gen5 service for your home and never be without fast Internet again.


* Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

* Streaming is optimized with video streams at DVD quality (up to 480p).

* You will experience reduced data speeds, which may be as low as or lower than 1 Mbps, if you exceed your monthly data plan. Normal data speeds will be restored during your next billing period.