HughesNet Gen5 Installation: Find Savings When Purchasing and Leasing Equipment

More Installation Options When Obtaining Satellite Internet Equipment When it comes to getting the equipment you need to take advantage of the incredible new HughesNet® satellite Internet services, you can find more options that fit into your online entertainment needs and your budget. Now you can purchase or lease your equipment at lower rates that are only available for a limited time. Get access to the fastest speeds from coast to coast by calling to set up your HughesNet Gen5 service.

Purchase Your New HughesNet Equipment

You now have the option to purchase your HughesNet Gen5 equipment at the low rate of $348.98, so you get a $100 savings from the regular $448.98 price. This rate offer is only available with the equipment purchase option up to 06/30/2017.

When you purchase the HughesNet Gen5 service plan, you get the installation service and equipment covered under one price. That means you no longer have to worry about recurring monthly equipment charges.

Lease Your New HughesNet Equipment

Can't afford the upfront costs in purchasing your satellite internet equipment? Don't worry. HughesNet Gen5 equipment and installation services are available for lease. Pay $0 when obtaining the equipment and initial installation, and only $14.99 per month during the lease term. Also, you can receive free standard installation for a limited-time.

This offer is only available for new residential subscribers as the offer rate ends on 06/30/2017. When you order now you can find an upfront savings of $99 from the regular standard rate of $99.

Installation Services

The HughesNet Gen5 service plans and features will be sent to your home via the EchoStar XVII and EchoStar XIX satellites that utilize the Jupiter high-throughput technology. The HughesNet satellite Internet equipment attached to your home will gather the data signal and send it to the HughesNet modem connected to your home computer.

A qualified technician will perform the entire installation to ensure all the equipment is in working order and you are receiving the fastest satellite Internet speeds possible. To take advantage of these incredible plans, equipment and installation services, contact our sales representatives today and get started with the new HughesNet Gen5.


*The $100 instant savings applies to new residential subscribers who purchase a new HughesNet system. Not applicable with the Lease option. This offer ends 6/30/17.

*The $99 instant savings applies to new residential subscribers who lease a new HughesNet system. Not applicable with the Purchase option. This offer ends 6/30/17.

*Free standard installation applies to new lease subscribers only. Not valid with the Purchase option. This is a limited-time offer.