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Obtain Great Savings When Getting HughesNet Voice Phone Services

HughesNet Voice Available for HughesNet Gen5 Internet Subscribers

You are already enjoying the fantastic satellite Internet speeds available when purchasing a HughesNet® Gen5 service plan. So why not also obtain exceptional phone services no matter where you live? Well, you can take advantage of phone services and features available through HughesNet Voice. Call today to learn more about this incredible service whether you are an existing HughesNet customer or if you are considering purchasing a new HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet plan for your home.

How Does HughesNet Voice Work?

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HughesNet Voice utilizes Voice-over-IP (VOIP) technology where your phone service is obtained over your satellite Internet connection. Your entire family can enjoy clear and rich phone service along with abundant features while making national and international calls. When you order HughesNet Voice, you will get an analog telephone adapter device that will allow you to route your phone service through the Hughes modem and satellite equipment. It is that simple.

HughesNet | Voice

Order HughesNet Gen5 and HughesNet Voice at the same time and get FREE setup and activation of your HughesNet Voice equipment!

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FREE HughesNet Voice Equipment!

After $75 instant savings.** Offer ends 6/30/17.

  • 2-year Commitment




    Offer ends 6/30/17
  • No Commitment



Take Advantage of the Pricing Deals

For a limited time, you can find exceptional savings when you order a HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet service plan along with HughesNet Voice. Order today and get free HughesNet Voice equipment after obtaining a $75 instant savings, as this deal is available up to 06/30/2017. Also, you can get free setup and activation of your equipment.

If you are looking for phone service deals, well HughesNet Voice has them. Sign up for a no commitment deal and get the low price of $39.95 per month. Or check out even more savings and sign up for a 2-year commitment for the special, limited-time offer of $19.95 (regular $29.95) per month for 3 months. This offer is only available until 06/30/2017.

Once you get HughesNet Voice, you can have all of the following phone benefits:

  • Free Premium Features: Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Caller ID, Call Block and much more

  • Enhanced Voicemail with email

  • Unlimited Domestic Calling in the US and Canada

  • Add-on Plans for International Calling

  • Keep Existing Phone Number or Change to a New Number if Desired.

With HughesNet Voice, you don't have to worry about missing any calls or using up your HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet service data. Make the calls you want, when you want, with the HughesNet Voice feature only available when obtaining the fantastic new HughesNet satellite Internet service plans. So call today!


*Offer represents a $75 savings on HughesNet Voice equipment. 24-month commitment required. Offer ends 6/30/17.

*Service is subject to HughesNet Voice Subscription Agreement and Reasonable Use Policy.

*Service (including 911/ emergency services) will not function during periods of Internet service outage.

*Additional Voice adapter equipment required.

*Applicable countries for International calling plans can be found on

*Transfers of existing telephone number not always available, and your new telephone number may not be a local number.