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Why HughesNet



No Matter Where You Live, HughesNet Has You Covered.

People across the country are continually turning to HughesNet® as their choice for satellite Internet service. That's because HughesNet Internet delivers where dial-up and DSL can't ? no matter where you are. While other services have limited service range, HughesNet is available anywhere. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, a computer, and the desire for a better, faster Internet service. Reward yourself with faster Internet speeds up to 15 Mbps!

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Improve your web surfing experience with Internet speeds for modern-day connectivity. Online pictures, music and more are available at your fingertips with super-fast HughesNet satellite Internet. Getting satellite Internet with HughesNet also means that, unlike with dial-up, you are always connected. With HughesNet internet, there is no more waiting around listening to screeching modems or looking at your watch while your page loads.


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